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Meet This Podcast’s Baby Sister! (#345)

December 2, 2018


In this episode (#345)...

S. Anthony gives you a sample of this podcast's baby sister called, "The S. Anthony Thomas Show". That podcast has comedy, interviews and sketches. The samples in this episode are from the comedy episodes. If you want to hear the interviews, get your butts over there and subscribe to that podcast too!

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Clips are from the following episodes:

"Quiet" Storm?

I used to love listening to quiet storm radio shows as I drove around at night. But, sometimes things get too real. 

Get OUT!! 

What happens when you can't get a guest in your house to leave? What happens when that guest isn't a human?

Am I Turning Into A Cat Man At 50!? 

I turned 50 today. I was walking down the street and saw some street cats and thought, "Maybe I should take one home... maybe, I should take a couple...". I've always been a dog guy. Am I becoming a cat man at 50? In this episode, 50 year old me tries to talk 50 year old me out of it


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Running Time 68:36


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